Who Are You

It’s easy to think we are doing what we should. It’s easy to only scratch the surface of our gifts and talents. It’s easy to move when it is easiest, but is living like that really doing us any service? The best and yet hardest thing to do is to take the time to do an HONEST analysis of ourselves and trust the feedback received from others about who we really are. Once we are able to get through the pain of realization that we aren’t who we thought we were, we can grow and fix and become who we should be.

The first step is to stop DENYING the things we resonate with. Once we slow down enough to pay attention we can FEEL when we are doing what we really want and should be doing.  We must keep studying ourselves and learn who we TRULY are. We can grow from there.

Don’t deny yourself. Though we can live our entire lives denying who we really are, we will never live as free.  I would rather be free…


Don’t Deny Yourself

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Jump… Then Fly

It takes motivation, passion, desire, faith and many more things to take that risk. To break out and do YOU WANT to do in your life. Many people have it, yet never move, because they are afraid to “jump”.

I’ve learned a beautiful thing about the JUMP. You never actually have to land (if you choose not to). You can FreeFloat, shift directions and adjust with the winds for the rest of your life.

Try it… Jump

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